Level of Distance by Yukimasa Ida


    ・This NFT ART is an example, the purchase is randomly selected from 1060 possible artworks.
    ・The 1000 still images are all unique.
    ・There are 10 types of videos, and there are a total of 60.

    【Artwork Description】

    Smartphones, tablets, computers. We live in an age in which we can encounter people, things, and events through all kinds of screens, transcending both distance and time in reality. The people, things, and events we encounter through screens are false images. However, now that encounters with such imaginary images have become an everyday reality, our "once in a lifetime encounters" are also changing.

    As a painter, I have been creating works based on the theme of "once-in-a-lifetime encounters. The canvas is so large that you feel as if your body is enveloped by it, the unique fragrance of oil paint, the fineness and vividness of the colors that can only be recognized with the naked eye, and the brush strokes created by the movement of the body. I have sharpened the senses of my whole body and painted paintings that exist in the real space. In creating this work for the NFT project, I have focused on the theme of "once-in-a-lifetime encounter," which is possible only with the use of digital technology.

    On a digital screen, our naked eye merely captures a collection of pixels. The resolution of a painting that can be captured by the naked eye cannot be maintained on a digital screen. When we view a painting digitally, we are perceiving a series of pixels with a resolution lower than that of the actual work.
    Therefore, for the work presented in this exhibition, I dared to thoroughly lower the resolution of my paintings. By daring to lower the resolution of the actual work, I attempted to create a paradox in which the work seen on the digital screen becomes a colorful situation with a higher resolution than the actual work. In addition, the work is a moving image, expressing the shifting "time" on the digital screen. This is the antithesis of the appreciation of painting on digital media, and an attempt at new pictorial expression based on the theme of "once in a lifetime" in the modern age.

    I am a painter, and my work has always been centered on painting. And this will never change in the future. Based on this NFT project, I would like to continue to challenge new forms of expression in the future.