“Fusion of Bonsai and AI Art” - Bonsai producer Teppei Kojima takes on a new challenge, with the phrase of “Tradition is the sum of innovations” in mind.
    TRADMAN'S BONSAI NFT is a digital art project launched as “a challenge to maximize the potential of bonsai” by combining images of actual bonsai created by TRADMAN'S BONSAI and keywords selected by Teppei Kojima himself.
    The project plans to release three types of artworks: “Super Rare,” “Rare,” and “Standard.” “Super Rare” will consist of moving images and music, “Rare” will consist of still images and music, and “Standard” will be a series of still images.
    For “Super Rare” and “Rare”, special music was created for each piece by musicians whom Teppei Kojima trusts and loves.
    With the phrase of “Tradition is the sum of innovations” in mind, Teppei Kojima continues to explore new possibilities for bonsai, and is taking on the challenge of sublimating the traditional culture of bonsai into a digital form, and presenting a new bonsai culture for the next generation.





    With a mission to share the traditional Japanese culture of bonsai with the world, he formed TRADMAN'S BONSAI in 2015 (and later established Matsubaya Co., Ltd. in 2016). In addition to collaborating with apparel select shops, high-end brands, car dealers, etc., he has been delivering the unprecedented world of bonsai to a wide range of people, including young people, on a daily basis, preserving tradition while transcending conventional concepts.

    Teppei Kojima


    He spent his childhood in Matsuba-cho, Kashiwa City, Chiba Prefecture, and graduated from Matsuba Junior High School in Kashiwa City. After being captivated by music, fashion, tattoos, and other street culture as a student, he became active in the apparel industry as a buyer. While going abroad to buy, he realized the beauty of Japanese culture and was fascinated by the depth of history and beauty of "bonsai". In 2015, he formed TRADMAN'S BONSAI, and in 2016, he established Matsubaya Co.

    He has been working with various brands and artists such as "shu uemura," "NIKE," "Dior," and "RIMOWA" to create a space with "bonsai" with his one-of-a-kind view of the world.

    With "Tradition is the sum of innovations" in mind, he is transmitting the coolness of Japan to men, women, and the world through bonsai.



    A digital artwork consisting of animated TRADMAN'S BONSAI NFT and background music created exclusively for this project by producer/DJ MURO. The number of works is 5.

    「Super Rare」Music Producer:MURO

    World renown DJ and tireless digger, MURO aka King Of Diggin’. His portfolio expands from DJ to production, from underground to major, throughout Japan and worldwide. Releasing countless label official mixes past and current, he receives deep respect from artists and music lovers around the globe. Releasing yet another cover album “Waon” as a producer for a new found label ‘TOKYO RECORDS’, he is one of the highest artist of interest in the many fields he prevails.

    MURO instagram


    • RARE 1
    • RARE 2
    • RARE 3

    A digital artwork consisting of TRADMAN'S BONSAI NFT and background music created exclusively for this project by GuruConnect, a multi-talented producer, arranger, composer, bassist, and collage artist.

    「Rare」Music Producer:GuruConnect

    Music Producer , music arranger , Composer , Bass Player , Collage Artist

    He started his career as a composer and bassist of the one and only Experimental Hip-Hop band "skillkills".

    As an individual, he has collaborated with Daoko, Gotch, Chinza Dopeness, Campanella, Akko Gorilla, and others as a BeatMaker, and has worked with ASIAN KUNG-FU GENERATION, Batten Shoujo-tai, Aiba Higure, and others as a producer and arranger. As a player, he has participated in live performances by Awich, ASIAN KUNG-FU GENERATION, Daoko, and others, and is also active in a wide range of other activities, including music production for commercials!



    「Standard」 is a still image of artwork of TRADMAN'S BONSAI created using AI.

    • NORMAL 1
    • NORMAL 2
    • NORMAL 3
    • NORMAL 4
    • NORMAL 5
    • NORMAL 6



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